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Dedicated to Education
We are proud to announce that we have recently implemented the HighReach Learning curriculum for our toddler through pre-K classes.  Created by early childhood experts, HighReach Learning curriculum is comprehensive and designed to stimulate a love for learning.  HighReach Learning programs align with the NAEYC guidelines for Appropriate Curriculum Content & Assessment, and allow for customized learning to meet students’ individual needs.
An Engaging Environment
At Leaps and Bounds Learning Centers, we provide the most engaging learning environment available for your child.  In addition to our comprehensive and stimulating educational curriculum, we offer various extracurricular activities, including piano, horticulture and gymnastics, at various locations and times throughout the year, ensuring additional balance and learning opportunities are available to your child.
We insist on the best and brightest early-childhood educators and maintain a high ratio of CDA-qualified teaching staff.  LBLC teachers are dedicated to their continuing education and participate in several hours of in-service training annually to ensure they are up to date on the latest and greatest teaching techniques and methods.


Return on Investment
We understand how much you invest in your child– and we are committed to investing along with you.  At Leaps and Bounds Learning Centers, our tuition rates and registration fees are maintained at the lowest reasonable levels, enabling you to provide the best educational experience for your child without the financial hardship caused by the high tuition costs of other providers.
One of the ways we keep tuition costs low is through the efficiency and convenience of automatic tuition payments. Statistics indicate that automatic payments are the safest, most secure means for financial transactions.  At Leaps and Bounds Learning Centers, we offer the convenience and safety of automatic tuition payment through Tuition Express.  You’ll no longer need to write a check or remember your checkbook when you’re picking up your child at the end of a hectic day.  Your payment will be safely and securely processed by Tuition Express, giving you peace of mind that your tuition has been paid on time.  As an added benefit, your payment history is available for review on-line at www.tuitionexpress.comTuition Express has been certified secure by banking institutions across the country.  A Tuition Express enrollment form is included along with the new enrollment packets.



Enroll Today!!
Throughout Central Florida, parents trust Leaps and Bounds Learning Centers to provide a safe, nurturing, reasonably-priced and engaging educational environment for their children.  We look forward to answering any additional questions or concerns you may have regarding your child’s educational needs.
Enrollment spaces fill quickly.  Contact your local Leaps and Bounds
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